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5 Tips for Getting the Wedding Photos You Want...

Pentney Abbey Estate Wedding photo
Wedding dress photo at pentney Abbey Estate

I’ve gathered up the 5 most useful tips from my experience, so that you can create the perfect photography conditions for your wedding day.  As a photographer who has photographed more weddings in the last year than you have probably been to in your life, I’ve seen firsthand countless weddings that go really well from a photography viewpoint — and also what it takes to make them successful.   Keep reading to learn from what I’ve seen and learned in my 15 years in this wonderful industry.


There are so many things that can be unpredictable on the day you choose to get married – the weather,  people’s emotions on the day, punctuality of your schedule.  So to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible it’s good to start by controlling the things you can; and this means making sure you have a photographer who does their homework and knows the value of being prepared.  At Captive Photography, we always meet for a planning meeting way before your wedding so we can get a feel for your plans and how you want your perfect day to go.  We always scout the venue too, this is best fairly close to the wedding so we will see the exact light for the time of year, and if outside we will know the seasonal backdrop and what will be green, in flower, and looking its best.  At this point, we can also assess a back up plan should the weather include rain or harsh bright sunlight.   By strolling through the venue and knowing the timeline of events, I can envision where I will be shooting and pre-visualise how I will capture each part of the day for you.

Photo taken at The Elvetham Hotel

Elvetham Wedding Photo


It is important to have a detailed timings plan agreed with your venue and your wedding planner if you have one.  Bringing this information to your pre-wedding planning meeting with your photographer means the photography element can be perfectly integrated.  A well planned timeline ensures there are no surprises and your photographer is ready and waiting to capture the important moments and reactions.  Being on the same page with your ceremony officiant, your caterers and the other behind-the-scenes suppliers makes for a successful day with no missed photo opportunities.  When jumping from photographing the bridal party, groomsmen, family, and detail shots the timeline is an essential tool to make sure the photographer can stay on track and capture everything for you.  If you have a family formals list or specifically  requested shots this information is also included here to make sure no-one is missed from your wedding photographs.   One of the most important jobs a photographer has on the wedding day itself is to ensure you are keeping to schedule and arrive at each part of the day on time.  When your photographer knows your timeline it lets them take this responsibility.  From my years of experience I have lost count of the times I have gently encouraged the bridal party to start putting their dresses on, to take the bouquets out of water, or to encourage the groomsmen it is time to finish their pre-wedding drink and head to meet the registrar or the Vicar in good time before the bridal party arrival! 

Photo taken at Syon House, Syon Park


This is your story and your photographs are the story teller.  So the details are the foundations.  You will have likely spent months (maybe years!) planning your wedding day, searching for ideas and creating Pinterest boards of things you love.  Your photographer will want to make sure they include all these personal touches in your final photos so you have a complete collection of images that tells your wedding story.  So make sure you let your wedding photographer know about the vintage necklace from your Grandma, your shoes that you spent a whole year saving up for, the flower bouquet ribbon that your Mum hand tied, the invitation designed by your best friend…. and all the important details you wish to remember.  As a natural reportage wedding photographer one of my key skills is to be a master at observing in the moment and I am always looking for these special things, and waiting for intimate reactions and emotions to create unique heart warming images.

Photo taken at Syon House, Syon Park

Bridal getting ready photo


Your wedding photographer should be completely immersed in your day.  It doesn’t matter if this is their hundredth or their first wedding, they are not a passive by-stander and should treat the day with the importance it deserves.  From my years of experience  I know how to observe from a distance, be discrete and unobtrusive, but to also be on your side – I am helpful and happy to be there.  My job as your wedding photographer is to capture and create beautiful images, but the day’s purpose is far greater than just this, it is your wedding day.  Whilst capturing special moments and creating stunning images is my priority, your experience and those of your family and friends carries equal weight.  I approach each and every wedding with a kind heart and empathise when you are under stress, feeling tearful or cannot find your nail scissors…. And there are times when I need to put my camera down and carry a dress, tidy the room, and pin button holes for groomsmen who have shaky hands (and no idea how!).  There are times when I add much more value than just with my camera.  You can see this from the kind words received from past clients.  At the end of day, the people remember how you made them feel as much as what you created.

Photo taken at Syon House, Syon Park

Syon House wedding photo


it’s your wedding day  and hopefully you will only do this once.  So when all the planing and preparation is done, remember to relax and enjoy the day.  YOUR day! If you have chosen well, you will have complete confidence that the photographer you have hired will approach everything with 100% effort to create stunning images that tell the story of your wedding day. x X x

Photo taken at Syon House, Syon Park

Wedding photos at Syon House wedding