Still using that old snapshot as your profile pic?

We are running H E A D S H O T sessions in Reigate on 22nd March & 26th April – only £75 including professional make up and a selection of fully edited digital images. An interesting study by Cornell University reveals that not only do we form a first impression just by looking at a photograph of a person…. researchers found that by simply looking at a picture of a person predicts how you will feel about them, which will even stick after you meet the individual months later. In the study if participants thought a person in a photograph was likeable and had an agreeable, emotionally stable, open-minded and conscientious personality, that impression carried through after the face-to-face meeting – and vice versa. The participants who had said they liked the person in the photograph tended to interact with them face to face in a friendlier, more engaged way. So what are you waiting for?

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