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5 Tips for Engaging Your Audience Online

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Showcasing your business online to customers and future customers has never been more important.  In these uncertain and changing times, customers are spending more time online and scrolling through social media more than ever before. This is actually one of the best times for marketing and growing your online presence.

It is vital to understand how to make your business as appealing as possible.  Using inspiring, engaging images connects you directly with your audience.  Let me help you do just that…. follow these tips below and you too can harness the power of business photography. 

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Regularly publishing useful and valuable local content online will help you to build your business reputation in your local community. This could be educational, entertaining, or inspiring. Knowing and showcasing your local area enables your business to become a local personality. Engaging content about your local area and community will allow your customers to see you as a local expert and make them feel loyal and connected to your business. In a survey conducted by Harris Interactive, 60% of respondents said they would definitely purchase a product or service from companies that ranked as having strong reputations, and only 5% said they were likely to purchase or recommend businesses at the bottom of that ranking list. Simply put, people don’t want products or services from businesses they can’t trust. With the proliferation of highly visual social media and online reviews, engaging with your customers can help you build your business’s strong reputation. Building a strong reputation is also one of the best ways to protect your brand, helping your business weather tough times and bounce back quicker from the current crisis.

No. 2 - BE REAL

Customers want to buy from businesses and brands that they can connect with, that feel authentic and personal. People are visual so if they cannot touch or feel your product or service, they want to see it in action. It is important to consider what you want your customers to feel when you show them real life photography online. Showing action shots, or behind the scenes imagery is a very effective way of telling your story and giving some personality and character to your business. Communicate the things that matters to them, be relatable and share your story by capturing emotion and interactions. Shots of your business in action, or the setting they will be hiring or buying help to portray the lifestyle that you wish to represent. Social media is the quickest and most effective way to market your business and a collection of these powerful images are the foundations you need.


Your online presence is an opportunity to tell your story and your photographs are the story teller. So the details are the foundations. Having a set of emotive and captivating images of the finer details that make up your day to day business operations open up the windows for customers to see in. Creating a unique personality through images helps your brand stand out from others. Showing the tools you use, the materials, your people, behind the scenes aswell as the end result creates a much deeper experience and understanding about your business. Customers want brands and businesses they can connect with, that feel authentic and personal so don’t be afraid to dig deep. Being open and honest helps you engage new customers, re-engage existing ones and secure loyalty. Professional photography is incredibly versatile, and can be used for your website, your printed adverts or leaflets, your email marketing or your social media posts. Amateur photos are often too pixelated to use in multiple places. Professional photography is one of the most engaging forms of content for grabbing attention quickly. Websites with professional photography receive more traffic than websites without.


Professional photography is all about using high quality equipment to produce exceptional, unique and visually stunning imagery. Big picture photographs require good lighting, tripods and high quality wide lenses and all of this comes with a professional photographer’s kit & skill. So by showcasing big picture images online immediately raises the perception of quality associated with your business. You could sell beautifully made, visually stunning products, or provide the best customer service, but if the photography you use is amateur, your business will look amateur. Research has found that 75% of online purchasers, bookers and enquirers rely on imagery when making a decision. So this says that the relationship between potential customers and business photography is vital. It says that potential customers like to see what they’re buying online before they do so, and emotionally invest in images they are presented with. Engage your audience with the big picture.


A well-planned social media content calendar or regularly updated blog posts online on your website will ensure all your posts will resonate with your audience. With great imagery each and every post should be worthy of being permanently attributed to your business. Your online content can proactively strengthen and protect your business’s reputation – you can increase your reach, establish credibility, grow your community, and build the kind of loyalty that will separate you from your competitors. If you want to talk more about how I can help you, give me a call or send me an email. In a single photo shoot we can create 6 months of rich, curated content that you can post every day.

I offer an affordable, curated content subscription – everything you need to get your business started on your online journey right away!